Fulfilling Dreams: The Birth of Our Tennis Court!-2021

“A dream which is coming true …

Another effort of the Past Pupils’ Association is beginning to bear fruit for the present and future generations who are being educated in the shadow of our Alma Mater.

On the recommendation of the present committee of the Past Pupils’ Association, under the guidance of our Principal, H. M. G. P. Gayani Herath, the construction of the tennis court commenced on 20th March 2021 with the financial and labor contributions of the past pupils, parents, and well-wishers.

We humbly send our gratitude and best wishes to all the donors, past pupils, parents, and everyone who has supported us so far.

We humbly appreciate and express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Upendra and Mr. Sanjeewa, who have supervised and guided the construction work throughout.”

Adding the specific starting date provides a clear timeline for the commencement of the project.