Renovation project of Dr. Wimala De Silva Memorial Library

*Celebrating Success!** 🎉 On the 10th of November 2023, the distinguished presence of Rev. Anil Silva and esteemed guests marked the grand reopening of the Deshabandhu Dr. Wimala De Silva Memorial Library at Newstead Girls’ College, beautifully renovated by the dedicated efforts of the Past Pupils’ Association. 📖✨
Thanks to the unwavering commitment of the PPA, the principal, deputy principals, academic and non-academic staff, donors, well-wishers, and parents, this momentous occasion not only rejuvenates the library but also enriches the learning journey of our young Newsteadites.[0]=AZVxsuJWI7P6yRabDZa9BRisxWi3li9zRFPdhOP8kzt27i5bn3L_RUx9c027y8nJP51WJrDCCfkTE1QMe35qAtwyAkLSggDfoUlZgUmB_mcutBj05pJDueqA2G6PvAZL6Z6FafYC7_L4ZU635o4s9Dd4yp_6tZskpv5j_esKbCH27Tu1XYNcctASPEb5cEX0trJnboWPg1Z2Q88MdvP4CPv3&__tn__=-UK-R