The distribution of scholarship certificates සිසු නැණ දිරිය 2020

🏅🎉 Celebrating Academic Excellence: Scholarship Certificate Distribution 2020! 🎓🌟

During our school birthday celebration today, we were delighted to present scholarship certificates to seven outstanding students who demonstrated exceptional performance in their Advanced Level examinations! 🎉

Originally, the P.P.A. committee proposed two scholarships worth Rs. 50,000 each for A/L students excelling in both academics and extracurricular activities. However, thanks to the overwhelming support from our donors and the remarkable talent of our students, all seven applicants received scholarships! 🌟

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the donors and well-wishers whose generous contributions made this initiative possible. Your support has profoundly impacted the lives of these promising scholars. 🙏

A special thanks to:
– Dr. Ann Kannangara
– Ms. Chandani Rodrigo
– Ms. Nalika Wijethunga
– Ms. Mala Somanayaka
– Ms. Sandya Perera
– Ms. Nepali Mirando
– Ms. Cristine Fernando
– Ms. Shamila Fernando
– Ms. Tharaka De Silva
– Ms. Senani Senanayaka
– Ms. Deepthi Rodrigo
– Dr. Priyangani Senanayaka
– Dr. Geethani Randeniya
– Ms. Judith Gunawardhana
– Ms. Roopika Jayasekara
– Former PPA Secretary & Committee Members
– Present PPA Secretary & Committee Members
– Present PPA Vice President, Ms. Shyara Nishadi
– Our Principal, PPA President, Ms. Gayani Herath

Congratulations to the deserving scholarship recipients:
1. T.D. Rashini Dilupa – 12 A Commerce
2. M.F. Najla Mariyam – 12 D Commerce
3. S. Nashran Fahumi – 12 D Commerce
4. M.P. Hiruni Ahinsa Peiris – 12 D Commerce
5. W.S. Vijini Fernando – 12 D Commerce
6. R. Asha Vishmanthi – 12 D Maths
7. H.M. Dilmi Sathsarani Herath – 12 D Commerce

Your dedication and hard work have paid off, and we are immensely proud of your achievements. Here’s to a bright and successful future ahead! 🎓🌟 #ScholarshipDistribution #AcademicExcellence #PPAInitiative 🏅📚